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Loren Wiener ~ A Google+ Commission

Written By leoni arima on Monday, October 31, 2011 | 7:59 PM

Tonight my blog post is a Google+ commission for Loren Wiener, a Technology Evangelist from Australia. He is also on Google+ @ +Loren Wiener. I had a lot of fun with this manipulation. Loren pretty much gave me free reins which is always fun. I even played with some 3D text in Illustrator, that was a first for me. This caricature was challenging because the source image wasn't the best I've worked with so I had to pull some tricks out of my hat and fix it up a bit. I wasn't sure if Loren was going to like the background that I honestly got carried away with a bit here, so I provided another with a soft background. He went with both. I've also posted the source image below. One more down and ready to start another. Goodnight all!

Loren Wiener

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