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Feature ~ CHURN, an Art & Music Magazine

Written By leoni arima on Sunday, March 27, 2011 | 8:27 PM

 CHURN, an Art & Music Magazine, has been re-launched by Jeff Monje aka ChurnMasterJ and partner SheriĆ© Silva aka ChurnMistreSS. The new comeback Issue #7, will begin distribution March 28th, 2011!!! We will be featuring more amazing artists, writers, musicians, theatre performers and more!! We support artists by showcasing their talents through print, as well as an online magazine and resource website. We do in-depth interviews and articles with the Artists and Musicians. Our sole purpose of supporting the creative collective is to give the talented people another avenue for additional exposure.

CHURN was initially founded in 1999 by Artist, and graduate from San Francisco Art Institute, Jeff Monje. CHURN, an Art & Music Magazine, was MIA for many years, since 2002, but IS BACK on the frontlines, ready to push the limit once again! The last issue published in 2002 featured H.R. Giger on the cover (Creator of the creature in the hit movie "ALIEN") see www.hrgiger.com. We’ve also featured Jonathon Earl Bowser www.jonathonart.com, Frank Garvey - www.omnicircus.com, Winston Smith, (Artist and Writer), Caniglia and more... Keith Wigdor (founder of the surrealism now website) has also been in CHURN: go to www.surrealismnow.com to see Keith Wigdor's site.

The current comeback Collector's Edition, Issue# 7 features world class talent and beyond - John Brophy www.jbrophy.com , Suzzan Blac - www.suzzanb.com , Bill Ortiz -musician- www.billortiz.com to name a few...

Our affiliates are; DIE CONSTANT URBAN CLOTHING - (Owner Alexis Moreau - Vancouver British Columbia) www.dieconstant.com, IDC www.independentdistro.com, KEITH WIGDOR (Founder of Surrealism Now)- www.surrealismnow.com, Kymara Gallery - www.kymaraonline.com (Owners Kymara Lonegran & Milo Rock), RODNEY PIKE (Caracture Artist Extraordinaire), www.rwpike.blogspot.com, HYAENA GALLERY (Dark Art, Lowbrow Art, Outsider Art , Nothing Typical), www.hyaenagallery.com, Sean Madden (Artist and Writer), www.clownvomit.com, Sacramento Theatre Company www.sactheatre.org.

If you are an artist, writer, musician, film maker, theatre performer or are further gifted with some other awesome original artistic talent please contact us at:

You can also submit your art / music  / theatre / fashion video clips to- CHURNTUBE www.churntube.com and we will upload them to the " TUBE ".

Stand By....... CHURN IS BACK!!!!!

Jeff Monje
Publisher / Artist

Let me take just a moment to mention how honored I am to announce that Jeff Monje has informed me that some of my work will be featured in the next issue of Churn Art & Music Magazine. Be sure and stop by their online shop and order your copy today! You'll also want to subscribe to their web site and enjoy some great Art, Music and Videos.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by folks and have a great day!
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